tool-e-byte GmbH was founded in the summer of 2014 and has grown steadily ever since. The founder of the company is Michael Thuleweit, a computer scientist with almost 20 years of experience as a managing director in an international company. The focus of the team is on the topic of "content" - from the development of software solutions and content to complete customer support. Proofreading and the support of social media are another aspect. tool-e-byte also offers solutions that create a high degree of efficiency through automation. These solutions are available for different industries, such as publishers or operators of online shops. But the range of services goes even further: It extends to proofreading/editing, customer service, accounting, data protection, data entry, digital marketing and more. In this way, tool-e-byte meets two requirements at the same time, because the company is able to design smaller, individual solutions or oversee large projects right from the start. tool-e-byte's headquarters are in Griesheim, Hesse. The strategy of international expansion applied right from the start. The company is now able to offer all services 24/7, with the current focus on the German language. Locations are located next to Griesheim in Bosnia, Spain, Peru and India. Thanks to this international representation, the company also offers services in Spanish and English, French is currently being set up. tool-e-byte GmbH is converted into a holding company in which each subsidiary brings its own specialization.